1st day at work.

I hate my job. 

Yes i have only worked a day. 

WHEN I was hired I was no informed that I would be a greeter (they even said this is new and wont last long), that I was only hired during the time of renovations. They told me that I would be cross trained in everything, that I would be working in a department/working check out. They told me of ONE job and gave me this time waisting one. SURE I’m getting payed its just so ANNOYING and not that job I was told.

NO I DO NOT WORK AT WALMART!!!! This store is “high end”.

The managers are on my ass because I did not get 20 emails for coupons. At this store most people have the credit card and get the emails. Like I always ask. Im smiling happy I ask “Hello, How are you? BLAH BLAH BLAH remodel is going on BLAH re-opening is on BLAH. Every thing the same BLAH! Do we have your email? BLAH”But they say no that they:

A. Don’t have an email. (coughBULLSHITcough)

B. They gave it already (coughBULLSHITcough) and then I say that we are “updating” the systems and we need it (I was told to say that) AND with that the person says no and walks away.

C. Just falt out say no (thanks for being up front)

D. Just walk away. (have a nice day too D BAG)

Like Im a fucking greeter till I go thew part 2 of training (thats tomorrow). LIKE SURE your stop looks like shit, the clothing is on the floor, hangers and sizes are all FUCKED up, people are about 5 or 6 deep waiting to check out BUT HEY I’m standing around saying WHATS UP. I would be willing to fallow some one around a department and help them. Any thing but trying to get emails and try to talk to people who just want to shop and are on a mission. AND people are asking me where stuff is or if its in this size or that color. and I have NO IDEA because the “training” I went threw was on smiling and saying hi. And the “core vales” about how you should always make the customer happy. I can’t do that because I don’t know where anything is, no one is working in that department (Yea I had SOOO many questions about junior clothing (no one was working there and sense I was by there people keep asking me and I had to keep asking someone at the check out because they ran out of walkie talkies so most people did not have one)). 

It was just a shity mess. And this is not a new store its been open for a while. AND its a mess. 


GOOD! hehe I texted my boy when I was on break and told him I get out at 5 ish. He calls me at 5:03 =] I just got to my car and we chatted on the phone. It was so nice and unexpected. He asked me about skype and I told him I have it and he’s waiting for his HP lap top to come in. SO EXCITED!